How to install

3D wall panel Installation Guide


Required tools:


Step 1:Measuring

Measure the length and width of the area where wall panels need to be installed,Mark the center line of the area


Step 2:Calculating Quantity

According to your size, calculate the number of wall panels required, and choose the installation method that suits you from the following diagram.

These two methods will maximize material savings in different widths.


Step 3:Apply Adhesive

We strongly recommend the use of heavy duty hot glue for installation.For more stronger, LEPAGE PL is optional.

The hot glue will dry quickly, use the adhesive first and then apply the hot glue.


Step 4:Install one by one

Please pay attention to the texture of the wall panels during installation, their materials have different reflective directions. Measure the part you want to cut off multiple times. Using a box level or Hard straight tools can help you cut more easily.


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