Buy The best wall decoration in 2020— Cloth wallpaper at Uneelives

Buy The best wall decoration in 2020— Cloth wallpaper at Uneelives

Danni Goldson on 2020 Jan 17th

Wallpaper is Back!

Not just traditional wallpaper designs, Uneelives wallpaper now  show you the latest wallpaper designs-Cloth wallpaper

What is Cloth (Fabric) wallpaper?

A modern twist on traditional wallpaper, fabric wallpaper is a do-it-yourself décor treatment that’s been catching on recently. Fabric panels are cut to fit the height of your walls and attached with liquid starch—a lightweight, removable adhesive usually comprised of cornstarch, borax and/or baking soda, and water.

How does it differ from other wall coverings?

Traditional wallpaper—which may be made of solid paper, paper backing with a vinyl coating, fabric backing with a vinyl coating, or solid vinyl—is intended to be permanent or semi-permanent and so is applied with a heavy-duty paste. Temporary wallpaper is made of durable materials like vinyl, but its peel-and-stick adhesive is easier to remove than wallpaper paste. 

Cloth wallpaper is more simpler way because it’s basically goof-proof—the adhesive can be removed with plain water, so if you make a mistake while putting it up, it’s no problem to correct.

What are the pros?

It's inexpensive

Uneelives has a three-layer weaving technology for wall coverings that traditional wallpaper can not reach. and our  cloths wallpaper have increased density by up to 40% when weaving, which gives them very good water resistance and abrasion resistance.

It can be quickly, cleanly removed

Cloth wallpaper is removable with a water-dampened sponge without damaging or leaving residue on the wall behind it.

It's mold resistant

Cloth is breathable and porous, allowing air to freely pass in and out. This makes fabric wallpaper less hospitable to mold spores and less susceptible to mold growth than traditional wallpaper and most temporary wallpaper.

How long does Cloth wallpaper last?

The longevity of a fabric wallpaper treatment largely depends on the type and color of fabric and the environment in which it hangs. Less absorbent fabrics like polyester, particular in darker colors, are less susceptible to everyday stains and yellow discoloration than more absorbent fabrics like cotton, especially in lighter colors. And since water dissolves liquid starch, fabric wallpaper tends to hold up best in dry environments like bedrooms or living rooms.

Uneelives Cloth wallpaper is made of high-density cotton fabric. The seamless installation method didn't need to worry about edge cracking at all. This also makes it very convenient to take care of the wall surface like  any dust, water or other stains can be removed by wiping easily .

What’s the best way to apply fabric wallpaper?

Choose a right fabric.

Buy enough fabric.

Make clean cuts.

Apply to a clean, smooth wall

Position with pushpins

Apply in small sections.

Trim excess after fully dry.