Buy The best wall decoration in 2020— Cloth wallpaper at Uneelives Ⅱ

Buy The best wall decoration in 2020— Cloth wallpaper at Uneelives Ⅱ

Danni Goldson on 2020 Jan 21st

Linen Wall Covering

Newest ways to decorate walls in 2020. If you are considering wallpaper to

decorate your room, Uneelives Cloth wallpaper will be your best choice.

This Linen Solid Color, Seamless cloth Wallpaper made of Pure natural linen. Affordable high-end products for everyone.

Yes. No seams

our cloth wallpaper is customized to your size, One sheet for each wall.

No gaps, no cracks and always looks beautiful.

linen is natural plant fiber, breathable and absorbs sweat and has good antibacterial properties.It is now widely used in our life.

Linen cloth surface irregularities, has a very unique appearance, high fiber strength and will not easily scratch and break, widely used on furniture.

Uneelives cloth wallpaper pros:

  • Antifouling Waterproof
  • Mildew proof Dust proof
  • High Density Thickening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Long-term Use

High-precision knitting technology increases the longitude and altitude density of the cloth by 40%, the surface is more delicate and reflective, adhesive will not penetrate the surface.

In order to make the wall fabric look seamless, we recommend installing a whole fabric

on one wall to better prevent edges from cracking. The size of the door and window

needs to be included in the wall size, which is a reasonable loss. The loss part can be used

for other decoration such as tablecloths or your DIY.